Advantage Of Having Clan In Destiny 2

Advantage Of Having Clan In Destiny 2 is you can play with your friends who also have clan. You will be able to easily communicate with each other during missions or raids, there’s no need for using third party app like whatsapp to text message every member in the group because destiny 2 has a built-in voice chat. This should be very useful for raids because there will be 6 people in a fireteam and it’s hard to remember everyone’s name. Don’t have enough friends in your friend list? No worries, Destiny 2 has a feature that allow you to add random players in the game, just simply click on a player in-game and send them a clan invite.

Another Advantage Of Having Clan In Destiny 2 is you get more things to do in the game because there will be weekly missions. In destiny 1, this was called raid reset and it’s a day that Bungie usually release new challenges for raids. This is very useful for clans because they can plan to do a specific task every week for a bonus. For example, one clan may decide to go farming exotic engrams from the raid while another group of people focus on getting more glimmer with public events in EDZ. In short, clans will have more things to do every week in Destiny 2 and it helps build stronger relationships between players who play with each other.

Destiny 2 Will Have Season Pass And DLCs

Advantage Of Having Clan In Destiny 2 is you can have access to new content for free just by joining a clan because there will be season pass and also DLCs in Destiny 2. This is very useful if you don’t like grinding for exotic engrams and completing milestones every week just to get free legendary engram. This will be very useful for casual players who don’t want to do raid every week just to farm an exotic weapon, you can simply join a clan and the game will give it to you for free.

How to create a clan in destiny 2

I’ve never played destiny 2 before but I would assume that there’s no need for you to complete certain task before creating clan in Destiny 2. Just simply follow the instruction when you’re in game and create a clan with your friends or use online tools like to find members in destiny 2. Note: You will need to be accepted by clan master to join the group.

You can play with friends online easily because Destiny 2 has built-in voice chat

I’ve never talked about this before on my blog but I have a lot of experience with gamer friends. While playing on the same computer is more convenient for communication, it’s very rare that your friends will play the same game as you. If they play on Xbox, then you can’t talk with them if they’re playing a different game on the Playstation. This problem is solved in Destiny 2 because every member in a clan will have access to voice chat and it’s very useful for raids or strikes.

Destiny 2 Will Have Weekly Missions And Clan Can Easily Complete Tasks Together

This is another Advantage Of Having Clan In Destiny 2. Weekly missions are very useful if you don’t have enough time to PvE in the game because it will be available to everyone in the group. Clan can easily complete weekly tasks together and this is good if your clan want to focus on specific task in-game. This is also very useful for casual players who just want to play occasionally.


I’ve never played Destiny 2 before but I’m very impressed with the gameplay and story trailer. If you ask me, having clans is a must in this kind of game because it’s very easy to get left behind if you don’t have friends to play with.

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